Own Your Own Business, Work Out of Your Home,
Or Take Advantage of Our Christian Services Program


WeBeANS is proud to offer opportunity to anyone who is willing to work hard and learn how to represent our various products. There need be no cost involved in start up and you can start small and grow at your own pace. Please feel free to contact us about any of the below plans that can allow you to experience the freedom and pride of owning your own business. The average web page sells for around $1000-$1500. You can start earning a percentage of that today!

Sales Representative - Earn a 20% commission on all sales. A Sales Rep is an entry level position. We will provide full support and training. Your main responsibilities are to make initial contacts and routine follow-ups. WeBeANS will consult with your potential client, draft a development proposal and be with you every step of the way in making the sale. In time, you can learn to handle these details on your own and promote yourself to Senior Sales Rep. There is no cost involved in applying and no necessary cash outlay to get started. And your clients remain your clients. Contact us at and get started in your own business today!

Senior Sales Representative - You can increase your sales commission to 30% by demonstrating your ability to perform all the duties of a Sales Rep plus aid in drafting development proposals, solo presentation of those proposals and the ability to close a sale on your own with minimal involvement from the company. WeBeANS will consult for free with the client after the sale is made to secure the details of the project, but sales become your responsibility. Knowledge of product line and services is the key element to being a successful SSR. Think you know the business and possibilities of the internet already? Contact us at and get started!

Commercial Reseller - If you are already an established business with a sales force in place and are looking to add the edge that the creative arts can give you, take advantage of our Commercial Reseller program and get a 40% discount on all services. Our terms are 50% downpayment with the balance due upon completion. We would be happy to consult for free with your sales staff to familiarize them with our services and teach them the finer points of selling our product. If you are interested in offering your clients top of the line creative services, please contact us at and become a reseller today!

Commercial Partner - A Commercial Partner invests part of his future in our joint venture in the form of a retainer. Retainers are available for as low as $1000 and should be sufficient to cover any deposits or balances your company may have with ours. As a result of your pre-payment, we split all sales 50%-50%. Be a part of an exciting new world! Contact us at to become a partner today!