Christian Services Program


SERVICES DISCOUNT-All participants in the WeBeANS Christian Service Program (CSP) are automatically entitled to a 30% discount on all services the company offers. At the discretion of WeBeANS management, this discount may be increased or charges exempted altogether. Projects for increased discount/exemption will be judged on merits of community service, urgency of execution, dependence on service, and organizational budget.

FREE BASIC WEB PAGE DEVELOPMENT-Organizations are eligible for the development of a free web page including the organization's mission, contact information and organization overview ("About Us") with a purchase of a standard monthly maintenance contract. WeBeANS will assist in finding discount hosting, but hosting fees (if any) must be borne by the organization.

30% EARNED GRANTS-Organizations referring commercial clients to WeBeANS for services are entitled to receive a 20% commission on any sales made to that customer. Also, WeBeANS will donate an additional 10% to the organization. At the organization's discretion, these grants may be made in cash or be used to offset costs on company services performed for the organization.

ELIGIBILITY-Organizations do NOT have to be affiliated with any religious organization or church to be eligible. All applicants must be non-profit organizations and proof of that status may be requested. Applicants are judged on the basis of community service, quality of service, and need, both of the organization and in the community which the organization serves. WeBeANS is a privately held company and retains the right to reject any applicant on any basis company management deems appropriate.

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